Sunday, January 17, 2010

so hot...then dead cold

I don't know how you go from shutting out a team that's on a roll lately on Thursday night (i.e the Flyers) and then get humiliated 6-1 the next night (i.e. the Capitals). And that is with the same goaltender in the net!! I really don't get this team, but I have to agree with a recent comment I heard: they're just not very good. Nothing surprises me about this year's Leafs team anymore--I've grown used to the pathetic displays and then the (very) rare moments of brilliance. However, they are far more 'crap' than they are 'awesome', and that's the sad truth.

This is a highly appropriate expression for you to be making, Vesa, based on your overall performance as a Leaf...

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