Sunday, January 10, 2010


I may have to cut off all contact with because I'm getting pretty tired of the crap they peddle non-stop. I am enough of a realist to understand that it's their job to make the Leafs look good, but if I have to hear them sugarcoat one more loss, I'm going to scream. It seems every game is a 'valiant comeback' whether they lose 6-2 or a 3-2 nail biter. It doesn't change the fact that they lost, very likely gave up the first goal (and likely went down 2-0, their magic deficit!), and were defensively sloppy. Why this team feels the need to dig itself into a hole in order to play its best hockey is beyond me!

End of rant.

P.S. I am no closer to wearing any of my Leafs gear. I have not put on any of my t-shirts, jerseys, or hats for a considerable amount of time now...

P.P.S. What the HECK is with that penalty kill?? What crap!

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