Friday, February 13, 2009

What is there to say, really?

The Leafs, unsurprisingly, have shown their true colours and are the mediocre team that they were predicted to be from the get-go. They are five games under .500, fourth in their division, 11th in the Eastern Conference and they have a grocery list of issues plaguing them, including pretty poor goaltending. They started out strong(er) at the beginning, but the wheels starting coming off before the All-Star break.

I haven't been blogging much about the team first and foremost because I have been so crazy busy over the past month and I have not really had time to follow them or my other love, Liverpool FC, all that closely. In addition, there has been little to laud but much to complain about and I don't want to spend all my blogging time moaning and whining about how crap the team has been. What I have learned: Vesa Toskala is too inconsistent to be a number one goaltender, the team almost always gives up the first goal, they can't hold a lead to save their lives, and I hope they do not make the playoffs because we need more draft picks! A positive: Luke Schenn is panning out to be a top-rate defenceman and, if he continues on this trajetory, one of the future stars of the game and a player to lead Toronto into the future.

I want to see what Burke is going to do before the trade deadline. I think he's going to be a seller and the experts at TSN agree with me. I do have hope for the future, but it's going to take a lot of work.

Look for a lot more posting in the next little while...

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