Friday, January 09, 2009

Leafs sagging

Well, the Buds got their sorry arses handed to them last night against their age-old rivals the Habs, 6-2, which continues their sorry slide in January. I don't know what the heck Brian Burke was thinking trading a sixth-round draft pick for Brad May and thinking that we as fans are going to think that is okay (though this rosy assessment seems to make it look like this is a genius move)!

The real problem for the Leafs is lack of consistency, especially with the defence and goaltending. Toskala is incredibly patchy, sometimes a stone wall, others a sieve. Mike Ulmer handily outlined the Leafs' issues with consistency recently and hit the nail right on the head, as far as I'm concerned!

I am glad that Luke Schenn has returned from injury and has been selected to play in the NHL (travesty of a) Young Stars game. And I am equally disdainful of Grabovski getting a three-game suspension for abusing an official during the Leafs-Habs tilt last night. Also, congrats to Tomas Kaberle for his selection as an alternate for the All-Star game!

I will end by saying that the Leafs must stop giving up the first goal in every game. In 25 or 26 games this season (I believe), the Leafs have surrendered the first goal to the opposing team; this is a trend that needs to end.

It will be interesting to see what happens around the trade deadline...

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Davidjp said...

What is up with Toskala man? He's still eons better than Gerber and Auld, but his game has really stunk (by his standards) this year.

You think you'll be buyers or sellers at the deadline?