Sunday, June 15, 2008

housecleaning time?

According to this article in the Toronto Sun, now is the time for the Leafs to start their housecleaning in earnest, with their new coach in place and Fletcher most likely on as GM for another year until they can get a hold of Brian Burke (or so conventional wisdom on the subject says). I am very excited that they managed to sign Wilson, who I feel is one of the premier benchmen in the NHL. I think his philosophy will be good for the Leafs and hopefully he will get the results that Maurice, God bless him, failed to get (though I don't think it was his fault!).

Some thoughts:

The Leafs need to ditch Raycroft, Tucker, and McCabe as soon as possible because they are complete dead weight as players for this organization. It somewhat pains me to assess Tucker this way, but for the money he's paid he does not produce what he should. I would like to see Kubina gone also--his salary is incredibly bloated for what he brings/has brought to the team.

As for Mats Sundin, I am divided. I would like to have him back because I have a real loyalty to the guy and as far as I am concerned, he IS the Leafs, but I know that we need to think "younger" and he doesn't fit the bill. If he was willing to take a pay cut to come on board and play a mentoring, Gary Roberts-like role, then I am all for having him around.

Because of their dismal past seasons, Wellwood, Stajan, and even Alex Steen are all expendable if it means we can get different young faces in Toronto--they are supposed to be our "young guns" and they have as much pop as a water pistol. Whether or not they are sent packing remains to be seen...

We have the seventh overall pick in this years draft and I am looking forward to seeing what we get/who the team is targeting.

That's all for now--more news/thoughts as becomes available to Bingleafs...


don crawford said...

DTuck and KWellwood gone now ... Kyle to the Canucks of all places.


Anonymous said...

Yup ... we got "Deadwood". So much for the 'bigger tougher' Canucks that Gillis has been promising.