Thursday, February 21, 2008

the trade deadline approacheth...

If I were to write about every rumour surrounding the Leafs as we come down to the trade deadline, I would spend all day posting. Sufficed to say, there are a million rumours swirling around about Mats Sundin, Brian McCabe (please get rid of him) and a host of other Leafs and so I am not going to to take the time to comment on them all. If something of great importance happens before Tuesday's deadline, you can look to my blog for comments. After the deadline, expect a full recount of those events concerning the Buds and my humble opinion on said events. If you want all the latest gossip, check The Fourth Period, Sportsnet, TSN, and of course

P.S. Dreadful loss to Buffalo tonight, 5-1. That's right boys, keep rolling over so we can score that high draft pick!

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