Friday, February 08, 2008

Leafs down Habs

After that 8-0 disaster against Florida, it was nice to see the Leafs go into the Bell Centre and steal a 4-2 win from the high-flying Canadiens. I only got to see the third period, but the team played decently (they looked better in the first two periods) and Toskala looked sharp between the pipes, making some nice saves. It was a very physical game, which was fun to watch. Mats Sundin almost got in a scrap with Mike Komisarek after Komisarek hit Robbie Earl and then gave a couple insurance shots as he was trying to get up. It was one of the few times I had ever seen the Captain go after another player--good work Mats!

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Frank and Megan.. said...

It nice to see the Captain of a team playing rough and tough. I mean whens the last time Nazzy droped the gloves .. Not that I think he should be fighting all the time. But every now and then he should give a big hit here and there. Wakes the team up .

Cheers Frank