Friday, January 25, 2008

a step in the right direction

I finally have something to write about with this week's firing of General Manager John Ferguson Jr. and his replacement with Cliff Fletcher as interim GM. It's great to finally see someone who actually knows hockey in charge of this team. However, I will say that the way he was treated by Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment was shameful, lacking any kind of class, which is not surprising considering his boss is Richard Peddie.

Fletcher has a proven track record of being a winner--he helped make the Leafs competitive during his previous tenure with the organization including two trips to the Eastern Conference finals. Even though he is just a temporary solution, I am hoping he will take the drastic steps needed to begin to turn this franchise around without interference from Peddie or the MLSE board. I have some ideas about what I would do if I were in charge of the Buds. Stay tuned for more posts as this blog becomes active again!

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Don said...

b-man ... a couple of great video clips on the Score interviewing Brian Burke about the long term GM role in TO ... said ( among other things ) that getting to be GM in TO was like a priest getting to go to the Vatican as Pope. He "said" he has no issues with Peddie ( which only proves he DOES want the job, which he is denying ). He said he currently has the best job in major league sports in Anaheim, but while the Ducks owner hopes they can keep BB, he also said he'd never stand in the way of someone's career move. I still miss Burke-y ... straight shooter, no guff, the last dumb ( political ) move Stan McCammond made before leaving the Canucks.