Friday, April 06, 2007

blown opportunities: the Islanders emerge victorious

All I will say is that I was choked and frustrated about last night's Leafs-Islanders match-up. My wife, Caitlin (who isn't even a big hockey fan) said, "why can't they capitalize on their power plays?" Why indeed, Caitlin, why indeed! She also said that from now on she is going to be a Buffalo fan! I laughed pretty hard.

Losing 2-1 to the Islanders last night has forced a must-win-in-regulation scenario tomorrow night for the Leafs as they face the Habs at the ACC. I listened to last night's game on the radio and they outplayed the Islanders for pretty much the entire game, but the difference was that the Leafs could not pull the trigger when necessary and the Islanders capitalized mightily on the few chances they had. Tomorrow night is for all the marbles...

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