Thursday, February 22, 2007


They may have salvaged a point by losing in the shootout, but they still gave the Islanders two points with their 3-2 loss on Long Island tonight. This puts New York 1 point ahead of the Leafs in the standings and, by my calculations, leaves the Leafs out of the playoff race as of right now. They couldn't protect their lead going into the third and the Isles scored a goal with a Leaf in the penalty box. Who was that Leaf, you ask? Why none other than Mr. Five Million-Plus Dollars A Year himself, Brian McCabe. JFJ might be a lot of things, but a good decision maker ain't one of 'em. If McCabe could just keep his stupid ass out of the box every once in a while that would really help things. I am very unhappy about this game. What has salvaged this night is that it's my wife's birthday and ultimately that overrules what happens with the Leafs because I love her more than them (barely).

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