Thursday, February 22, 2007

An assessment of Brian McCabe

The following assessment of Brian McCabe was posted in response to a rant I posted on the Leaf discussion board,, of which I am a member and pretty much sums up how I feel about The Five Million Dollar Man:

"McCabe is a decent d-man. Well, if you are talking offence! Overall, he's pretty average. He's overrated because of his points totals and slap shot. He is only average defensively. He has very little mobility and speed. That's why he used to have a move called a 'can opener' that he can't even use now or he'll get penalized. His defensive zone coverage is shoddy and he's not good at reading the play. Defenseman are supposed to read the play and quickly react. They need to always be thinking and have good reaction or they'll be part of goals against. McCabe will have some good games defensively but mostly, he'll have problems. He just can't react and think well enough. That's why he'll cough up the puck or make bad decisions. His game is having the extra man advantage and a good slap shot. But, his position is defence and the offensive side should be a bonus, not the key to his game.

The other problem with McCabe is he's horribly overpaid and the no-trade or no movement clause. It is ridiculous because it basically states he has all the power and the Leafs consider him gold. JFJ is a moron though so these stupid contracts that the Leafs have given players is nothing new. Just the names of the managers have changed."

And all the Leafs fans said? Amen.

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