Monday, April 12, 2010

The Hart

I know that this is a Leafs blog, but since the Leafs are out on the golf course for the next few months, I will be posting on other hockey-related matters. And so, I must agree with Elliotte Friedman's assessment that Henrik Sedin should win the Hart trophy this year (along with the Art Ross!). As Friedman pointed out, Henrik helped carry the team when his brother was injured, the entire defensive core seemed to be injured, and when Luongo was being less-than-Luongo at various points during the season. Besides, I often root for the underdog and to me Sedin is definitely the underdog this year. I definitely do not want to see that showboating, 'me-first', baboon arse-faced yeti Ovechkin get it, not do I want Crosby to get it (as much as I like him) as they've shared it between them for the last three years.

Henrik raked in 112 points, including the most assists in the league, and broke Pavel Bure's team record of 110 points in a season. He quietly went about his business in hockey-mad Vancouver and did it with grace, class, and humility. If Henrik doesn't get it, I hope it goes to someone like Bryzgalov or Miller. That's my two cents...

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Anonymous said...

couldn't agree with you more! I think henrik deserves it.
Eric Dueck