Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The "Who's Better, Crosby or Ovechkin?" argument

I have been following the Crosby-Ovechkin saga quite a lot and just finished reading this article about the rivalry, so I thought I'd throw my two cents worth into the mix. I think Ovechkin is the more dangerous of the two on a nightly basis and can seemingly score at will; however, given the choice to have either of them on my team, I'd choose Crosby every time and the biggest reason is his demeanor. I like the way Sid the Kid conducts himself and I think that Ovechkin is a showboat, something I have never liked in my athletes--let your feats on the field/ice do the talking, not your celebrations and your mouth.

My wife says "you like Crosby because you know he's a nice guy who helps out with the Timbits." I love the logic there...

Tonight is Game 7 between the Pittsburgh and Washington and I'm really hoping for the Pens as I'd love to see Crosby and Staal, two players I really admire, win a Cup at a young age.

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