Tuesday, February 27, 2007

truly awful

The Leafs got blown out tonight by the Buffalo Sabres, 6-1. I will not even bother summarizing the game because the score speaks for itself. Raycroft was once again pulled in the third period for his pathetic play (four goals on eleven shots!) in favour of Aubin. That's all that's worth reporting about this game. As I told a friend, Sundin is going to be one heck of a golfer when he eventually retires...

Some quick notes:

1. Fire Ferguson.

2. Yanic Perreault is not going to solve the Leafs' problems, I don't care how many damn faceoffs he wins. He's a good player, but the Leafs need a miracle.

3. It appears that we need a new starting goalie and perhaps a new defensive corps.

4. Fire Ferguson.

At least my wife will be happy because she will see much more of me this spring than she initially planned.

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